TunnelBear VPN Review

If you like bears, or just like honey, TunnelBear might be the best VPN you’ve ever seen. It has competitive pricing and an appeal to the VPN noob like we’ve never seen before. But is it the right VPN for you? Check it out now in this TunnelBear VPN review!

Pricing 8.5/10

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Tunnelbear starts off with a free model that offers 500mb every month. This is barely enough to work with, and functions like a more relaxed trial version. It’s nice to see, and the upgraded subscription is still affordable at only $6.99. The yearly model is cheap at $49.99. It would have been nice to see some additional payment options, like a six-month plan or a three-month plan.

TunnelBear accepts BitCoin and other standard payment solutions. They also have a seven-day money back guarantee.

Software 8/10

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TunnelBear has taken particular attention to making their branding very apparent in their VPN application. It has sounds when you disconnect, and a standout aesthetic that makes the application look very woody.

But besides the friendly appearance, TunnelBear has crafted application that is remarkably user-friendly and easy to use.

However, while important features like a kill switch are here, but other more advanced IP leak protection features aren’t present.

Overall, TunnelBear’s VPN application is incredibly simple with a small interface that just lets you connect to a VPN server. It’s fast to connect, and the interface within the app is easily manageable for entry-level VPN users not looking to fiddle around with complex settings.

Mobile Software 9/10

TunnelBear’s mobile application is very polished and user-friendly. The application has a map interface that lets you toggle your VPN on within the application. It’s simple but useful–similar to most VPN provider applications that work like they are supposed to.

Extra Services 5/10

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TunnelBear mainly focuses on its VPN (and it’s branding), but it does offer some proxy extensions if you’re interested. These can be useful if you’re at school or on Chromebooks that can’t install native applications.

Servers 5.5/10

TunnelBear needs to work on their servers. They only have around 20 countries, and a lot of United States locations are required. Don’t be surprised if you get connected to Mexico if you’re in California, for example.

Privacy 7/10

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TunnelBear has excellent 256-bit AES encryption. Their privacy policy is pretty standard since they only collect information that they need for you to purchase their VPN as well as operate it with minor connection logs.

Probably the worst thing about TunnelBear VPN is that they don’t allow torrenting. This is a make or break for some users since VPNs are often solely used for torrenting.

Speeds 8/10

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TunnelBear has excellent speeds for browsing purposes. We couldn’t test it with BitTorrent, but our ping was decent, and we received medium download speeds in our speed test.

Support 6/10

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While TunnelBear doesn’t have live chat, they do have a fine amount of support articles that are well organized. Their ticket system and customer support is also very reliable and responsive with fast ticket times.

Website 7/10

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TunnelBear has an excellent website, that, while full of bear puns, manages to get the job done. Sure the site is full of fluff content explaining what a VPN and why you should get one–but since the VPN is so entry level it makes sense that they would make their site this way. I would have liked to see more feature comparison tables explaining features, but again, TunnelBear doesn’t excel in it’s feature set but more about how it looks and feels and works as a simple yet reliable VPN.

The website is full of neat graphics and enticing presentation. It’s also easy to navigate and the website doesn’t feel too complex or overcrowded.


Cute, user-friendly, and branded like nothing we’ve ever seen, TunnelBear has carved out a niche from the competitive VPN marketplace for new VPN users.

While it might not have as many servers or be as fast as ExpressVPN, or have as many security features in a complete package like TorGuard VPN, it’s still incredibly affordable and worth the cost–unless you want to BitTorrent.

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