IPVanish VPN Review

IPvanish VPN was once one of the most respected VPNs around. I wasn’t afraid to rank it within the top 5 VPNs. Afterall, IPVanish is owned by Highwinds which is a big company.

Nowadays, however, the winds have slightly shifted with a few bad incidences of logs. Not only that, but IPVanish seems intent on not making itself a one stop shop, since it’s rebranded and sold itself through other channels like StrongVPN and Pornhub’s VPN, VPNhub. Is IPVanish still a good VPN to use?

Rated #6 out of 10 VPNs

  • Speed test: Fast.
  • Netflix: No.
  • Torrenting: Yes.
  • Customer Service live chat : No.
  • Logging policy: No logging policy.
  • Cost:  Standard — $9.99 a month or $78 a year?

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#1 Fair Pricing?


IPVanish has a standard price, at least monthly– at $10 a month. If you want to subscribe longer, you can get at $77.99 a year or $26.99 for three months. This pricing is a bit expensive for what we are used to. You can get TorGuard VPN for $30 a year with the promo code in our TorGuard Review. IPVanish does support Bitcoin and other traditional payment methods as well as a good refund policy.

Overall, IPVanish is still cheaper than stop big VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, and a few others, but it’s not the cheapest.

#2 Good App?

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IPVanish VPN has a full featured application with many tabs and settings to configure. That said, the interface is quite pleasant and designed well. It’s easy to change your account password and look at your billing, as well as see information about various servers that you can pick.

Other options feel a bit superfluous, like changing your IP address at intervals, but it’s neat that you can verify your IP address to provide peace of mind.There’s also a row of buttons to choose from that give you quick access to what you need. Do you want to connect to the “fastest server”, the “us media or gaming server” the “UK media or gaming server” or the “CA media or gaming server”?

It’s nice to see all these “one click” solutions for new users, but I would have liked to see more information about what each one of these servers does, and how. I know they are meant for speed or media, but what is IPVanish VPN doing to implement that?

It very well might be changing your settings by lowering encryption, or changing protocol to L2TP or PPTP to increase speeds. If you’re wondering what the best protocol to use is, we recommend OpenVPN. Check out this neat guide to help you pick a protocol.

IPVanish VPN includes a lot of small features inside their robust client. However, they are missing a kill switch–so it’s not the best VPN for torrenting.It’s still better than a lot of VPNs since you can get high speeds with decent security and application performance–but there are better options.

#3 Excellent Mobile App!


IPVanish VPN has one of the best mobile applications of ANY VPN provider. If you’re looking for a VPN that has the best mobile application for iOS or Android, you’ve found it. IPVanish has fitted their mobile client with many useful features like remembering your preferred websites that should connect through VPN and even real world Wi-Fi locations like Starbucks or Panera.

The client is also detailed in that it shows you how much time you have on your subscription, which protocol you are using, and if you want it always on or not.

Overall, a stellar app that gives you more control than we are used to.

#4 Good Amount of Servers


IPVanish VPN has a lot of VPN servers around the world (listed as 350+ servers in 60+ countries). I would have liked to see more diverse locations in the United States as they are primarily on the west coast and east coast (nothing in between). But the amount offered is quite high, and better than a lot of smaller VPNs out there. It’s easy to find a capable server nearby your location that works well and is fast.

#5 Excellent Speeds


We got some VERY impressive speeds with IPVanish VPN. It’s not surprising since the parent company, highwinds is known for content delivery networks. The tested speeds were very good, with a low ping and high download rate. IPVanish is definately a fast VPN for speedtests, but when we tested the torrent we got speeds around 20 Mbps, as well, which is very good.

Well done IPVanish.


#1 Lack of “Extras” and Netflix Support

If you don’t want any extra VPN services like VPN routers, encrypted email, proxy options, dedicated servers, or Stealth VPN, then you should be OK with IPVanish VPN. But if you want a VPN that works with Netflix, IPVanish probably isn’t it. We couldn’t get Netflix to work in our tests. IPVanish as improved in some areas, like increasing the simultaneous connections from 2 to 5, but in other areas, they are a bit lacking. They are just strictly a VPN for anonymity and encryption.

#2 Bad Privacy?

I covered the full situation in the video above. Basically the story is that IPVanish gave up information on a user to homeland security, proving that they do collect logs via connection and usage logs. When IPVanish gave up the information, the user was identified easily through his Comcast IP address.

The company came out explaining that IPVanish was acquired by Stackpath in 2017, and since then, they promise that they don’t collect logs.

IPVanish responded to the issue on Reddit as well:

ipvanish ceo logging response

So like with most VPN companies, it really does come down to trust. Do you trust IPVanish? Well, after they’ve promised before, and now been caught doing so, it can be hard to “trust” them. Whatever the case is, if they do log now or not, it certainly doesn’t help their reputation, and a lot of people dismiss it entirely now. For me, it’s a pretty big con.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend IPVanish?

To be honest, IPVanish is quite a good VPN. They have the best security you’ll need, capable speeds, very good apps, lots of servers to choose from, and they aren’t that expensive. They are a good torrent VPN, or just a standard anonymous VPN. However, it can be hard or impossible to get it to work with Netflix, and they don’t have live chat support options to help you with any problems. Not only that, but the logging scandal has caused a hit in it’s reputation.

One thing that also bugs me about IPVanish and the company that own it, is that they license their VPN and servers out to other “rebranded” forms like StrongVPN and VPNhub. I once asked IPVanish if they work with Netflix, and they directed me to use StrongVPN. Like, really?

I do recommend IPVanish VPN though.

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