What Is a Good Fast VPN in 2017?

When aiming to find a quality VPN in 2017, you have to look for something that is not only secure but also fast. Considering how you might stream media or play games while online, you must have a connection that will not slow down at any time.

More importantly, you need a VPN that prevents bandwidth throttling. This is a problem where your speed will be reduced after you reach a certain amount of online usage within a period of time. It is an issue that many servers use as a means of encouraging people to get into more expensive connectivity plans.

With TorGuard, you will not only keep your connection data private but you can also avoid many content blocks and limits that you might experience in your area. More importantly, you will have a faster connection that can work with one of the thousands of servers from many countries around the world.

The OpenConnect protocol from TorGuard has especially become a popular option for your connectivity needs. This is an SSL technology system based out of the AnyConnect SSL VPN system that Cisco uses.

This entails TLS and DTLS systems to encrypt and authenticate VPN traffic. This works as the fastest VPN option around. It is also a very secure system that is convenient and easy to apply in a variety of considerations.

Key Points About OpenConnect

There are a number of great aspects about OpenConnect that deserve to be analyzed as a means of seeing what makes it special and efficient:

  • You can max out your bandwidth on this option and get higher speeds with a VPN connection via OpenConnect. With this, you will not be identified as being a part of another ISP, thus preventing bandwidth throttling. This is thanks to the second SSH tunnel used by the VPN.
  • A killswitch is included on the server side. It keeps all network traffic within a gateway. The gateway will be linked to the VPN server so it will be easier for the killswitch to work properly. This means that your information will not be lost even if you get offline or you lose your connection for any reason.
  • You can go from a Wi-Fi link to a 3G or 4G link without any interruptions. This is ideal for mobile devices. In fact, this works on a vast majority of mobile devices although it is best to have a more recent operating system on hand.
  • The 256-bit encryption used in this is especially important to notice. This means that your data will appear as regular SSL traffic with your specific geographic region not being introduced at any time.
  • A dedicated IP and custom port forwarding system can also be added. This is needed for high-end activities like media streaming or gaming so a consistently fast connection can work at all times.

The use of the OpenConnect system from TorGuard is a necessity to find when getting a faster VPN. This works to not only keep you online but to also keep your data protected. The fact that you’ll avoid bandwidth throttling is a huge plus.

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